Professional record

Duncan Smith is a satellite systems engineer with over twenty five years experience supporting satellite procurement, operations, insurance and other activities assessing technical risks including third party liabilities and product assurance.

He has participated at all levels in the management of risk including manufacturing problems at the shop-floor level, subsystem and satellite integration, the consequences of decisions for in-orbit operations and the management of anomalies by operators and manufacturers.

Duncan supported the resolution of ground test and in-orbit anomalies on the Skynet series of satellites providing direct fleet management advice to the UK Ministry of Defence and assessed third party technical risks in support of the UK government licensing of satellite launch and operations. He has instigated co-operation between satellite operators for the avoidance of collision between co-located geostationary satellites and has led technical studies for the European Space Agency relating to the monitoring and future management of space debris.

He had a key role in the technical loss adjustment for major satellite claims, providing the insurers and their legal advisor's with the confidence to negotiate fair settlements. He has contributed to the development of many types of risk model for the European Space Agency and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Previously he worked at QinetiQ, its forerunner the Defence Research Agency and also British Aerospace (Space Systems) Ltd, now part of Airbus UK.