Support for the management and resolution of satellite anomalies. Provision of fleet management advice and review of contingencies, emergency management and special manoeuvres.


Technical monitoring and approval for the procurement of satellites. Assisting with feed back from lessons learned from in-orbit experience. Support to launch and early operations teams.


Assessment of satellite risks for launch and in-orbit renewal policies. Support to legal teams in review of the technical basis of claims and subrogation.

Product Assurance

Improvement and operation of product assurance systems for the management of non-conformances and configuration changes in equipment manufacture.


Technical leadership support relating to the monitoring and mitigation of space weather and debris issues.

Risk modelling

Development of practical risk models, advice on data modelling and collection for commercial, government and insurance clients.


Development of clear processes and assistance in preparing applications for national satellite operator licences in respect of third party technical risks.

Space Situational Awareness

Study of SSA needs and capabilities. Development of co-operation between satellite operators for the avoidance of collision between co-located geostationary satellites.

Technical market analysis

Focussed business intelligence based on strong space industry insight and analysis of technical and commercial data.